I Like Pretty Clothes

And they like me too, I'm sure of it

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I shop at cheap stores. When I was in Canada, I would get stuff at Walmart, Zellers or Superstore. Now here in New Zealand I’ll go to Kmart, the Warehouse or Shanton. I love shopping so much, and these stores allow me to maintain that habit without breaking the bank. Don’t get me wrong, I do shop for good, well-made, quality pieces too (like PUG, have I mentioned that I love PUG?? lol). But in between I go for the lower-priced stuff, the stuff that fills out my wardrobe for a season or two and then goes into the Sally Ann bin (depending on the state they’re in, of course).

cardigan - Suzy Shier, top - Kmart, jeans - Shanton, boots - Overland, necklace - Spacesuit, earrings - not sure

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