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Fatshion February Day 28 - the final edition

For the last day of Fatshion February, I decided to wear one of my absolute favourite pieces, my monster skirt. I love this freaking thing - can’t have a bad day while wearing it!

I’m going to miss FF, once again it has been fun. Thanks to everyone else who posted their awesome outfits every day, I’ve loved looking at them! Here’s to FF 2014!

skirt - Rockabetty, top - The Warehouse, belt - City Chic, petticoat - Vamporium, shoes - Rubi, necklace - gift, earrings - Pinup Girl Clothing

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    Gorgeous outfit! Love the skirt with the cobalt blue :)
  3. robot-boogie said: I love this skirt! I have a similar fabric…. Hmmm…. Must learn to sew better! I hope you keep posting your awesome looks even after this month. So inspiring!
  4. dinosaury said: You look like a superhero!
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    I am in love and i mean full on “i-want-to-buy-it-flowers-and-take-it-out-to-a-fancy-meal” in love with this outfit! The...
  6. pandoraslabyrinth said: that skirt…i need it in my life!
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