I Like Pretty Clothes

And they like me too, I'm sure of it

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I wore this on Saturday to go for dinner and the opening night of a play with a lovely friend. In fact, the maitre d’ at the restaurant gave us free champagne because he thought we looked glamourous. Here’s to free alcohol for outfit approval!

Oh, visit Twisted Mind of Mine for an awesome necklace like this one, and use the code CH31513 for 10% off.

dress and belt - Pinup Girl Clothing, shrug and fascinator - Pagani, petticoat - Domino Dollhouse, shoes - Fluevog, earrings - Lush, necklace - Twisted M.O.M.

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  7. lulu-bob said: Free alcohol is the biggest win of all! And I am following your lead and pairing the belt from the courtesan with ALL the things.
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