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This is my newest dress. It was created by Super Amanda and Betty of Etsy’s “Snappy Shop” as a Bridesmaid’s sample for Amanda’s vow renewal ceremony later this year. Amanda runs Blue Fountain Plaza on Facebook and Etsy and also offers a consulting service for those interested in getting custom vintage reproduction clothing. For a small donation she’ll help you find rare fabrics, get the right over and under bust fit and guide you to some of the best private seamstresses online as she’s worked with many of them. She’ll also be releasing a line of bolero jackets later this year.

The dress is gorgeous! I was a little worried when it arrived that it might be a bit too big in the bust, as it is elasticised and pleated and gave the illusion of being bigger than it is. But the fit is fantastic, it couldn’t have been more perfect. It has wide straps that I will have to alter as they are a little long, but Amanda said she was going to leave them longer so I could fix them to the perfect length for me. I just was so impatient, I had to wear it right away! The shrug was necessary because it is winter here, and made it so you can’t tell the straps are a bit too long. It worked well with the tights and shrug, but once I fix the straps, it will also be great in the summer.

The print is fantastic as well - such lovely vibrant colours. I wore my hot pink petticoat underneath to match the pink in the flowers - unfortunately I forgot to flash it for the camera! (You’ll just have to imagine it.) 

It was a great outfit for the world premiere opening night of a new musical I went to on Saturday night, and it got a lot of comments. I will definitely have to get one of Amanda’s matching boleros once those are available!

dress - as above, petticoat - Vamporium, shrug - City Chic, tights - Walmart, shoes - Fluevog, headband and necklace - equip, earrings - diva

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