I Like Pretty Clothes

And they like me too, I'm sure of it

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I had a bunch of friends over on Saturday and they were let loose in my closet. Dress-fueled hilarity ensued. A few of them put on all 11 of my petticoats at once - it was so freaking funny! I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!

Two of my friends tried on this outfit and looked hot, so I decided I had to wear it today. It’s also part of my attempt to embrace more variety in my wardrobe, with more body con outfits.  I mean, I have worn this before, but not in a long time. I have gotten pretty comfortable in one shape of clothing - circle skirts and petticoats - and don’t wear a lot of my other clothes very often anymore. So here’s to change! ;)

top and skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing, cardigan - Rickis, belt - Pagani, tights and necklace - Walmart, boots - Overland, earrings - diva

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