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WIN Items from the I Like Pretty Clothes Closet!

This is my closet. My most favourite area in the house because it holds all of my most favourite things - well, my favourite material things, anyway - my pretty clothes.

And in honour of I Like Pretty Clothes turning 3 years old very shortly, I’m going to give away some of the items from this closet to one lucky (at least I hope they think so!) winner.

Each of these things has either never been worn, or was only worn once and is therefore practically new. So I’m not giving away shitty things, in case you were wondering. :)

Here they are:

A bird necklace that I bought from Twisted Mind of Mine. It is super cute, but I only wore it once as I have another bird necklace that I tend to gravitate to instead, if I’m in the mood for a bird necklace, that is. So hopefully it will now go to a better home. (Ok, so the necklace isn’t technically from my closet because I actually keep my necklaces on hooks on my wall. But we don’t have to be super literal, right? )

This pink leopard scarf is from Dorothy Perkins and is super awesome, but I have NEVER worn it. I don’t know why, other than I rarely wear scarves at all. ┬áIt really needs to go to someone worthy of it, because I’m just not.

This dress is from City Chic and is an XS (the top part is super stretchy, the bottom is lined). It was one of the special limited editions that they released around Christmas last year and only sold in store. I’ve worn it once. It is super cute, but … I just don’t wear it. It comes with a matching tie belt, as shown.

And finally, the crown jewel of this giveaway:

This jacket is really special - it is a handmade, 60s style swing jacket with a tie at the neck. So cute, so very well made, just beautiful. It has NEVER been worn - I bought it from the woman who made it because it is freaking adorable and she is super talented, and it has hung in my closet ever since. Which is a shame. It has 3/4 sleeves, a swing hem with back pleat, and is cropped. Would look adorable over a wiggle dress or pencil skirt and top. This is one of a kind, and is really my way of saying thanks to all of you who have supported this blog over the years.

So, that brings me to the important bits - how do you win this?


- you should follow my blog (I wouldn’t really make that an issue, but since the point of this giveaway is to say thank you to my followers, you should probably be one), and

- reblog or like this post.

That’s it!

I will use one of those random number generator thingies to draw a winner at noon on 14 September (NZ time), which is the official 3 year anniversary of my blog. I’ll send the prize anywhere in the world (yikes!).

And I might throw in a couple of extra surprises before I post it.

Oh, you only need to like or reblog this once.

That should do it. But feel free to ask me if you have a question or if I forgot something or didn’t explain something properly.

Good luck!

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