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And they like me too, I'm sure of it

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We went to the Burlesque Masquerade Ball last night - such a great show with great performers and great friends and some boogying afterward. I really enjoyed the range of performances and some of them were absolutely genius!

But there was one act that I’ve seen at least 7 times now and it just fucks me off - it feels like the performer has no regard for her audience when she does the same act over and over and over. I know she is a talented person and can do better than that. Everyone else varies their performances from show to show and if they repeat an act, they only do it a couple of times. Producers need to start putting their feet down - if they book her for a show, insist that she do something different. Just my little rant for the day.

This is the Lilith top from Pinup Girl Clothing. I love it! It is so well made and tailored, it really is special. It will look fab with all of my pencil skirts, so you’ll probably see a lot of it on here!

top - Pinup Girl Clothing, skirt - ASOS Curve, shoes - Irregular Choice, earrings - equip, mask - Wise Buys, husband - found him in a hostel in Edinburgh 13 years ago! :)

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