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Another new skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing, the Francesca.

I am a huge fan of lace and particularly lace overlay, AND teal is my favourite colour, so this skirt was destined to be mine from the moment they sneak previewed it. I love the fit - this is the 2X and there is elastic in the waist, so the fit is perfect. I love the colour - I thought it was too dark when I first opened it but am super happy with it now. I love the bow at the back. I love that I could dress it down with just a plain black t-shirt to wear it to work today, but I could just as easily make it super fancy with a different top. I would highly recommend it.

top - The Warehouse, skirt - Pinup Girl Clothing, tights - Walmart, shoes - Number 1 Shoes, earrings - Stone Town, Zanzibar

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